Educational Technology – A definition

Educational Technology – A definition

The class ended with us reading the definition of Educational Technology as put forth in the book by Alan Januszewski and Michael Molenda based on the AECT. I read the definition (about 14 pages), and then read it again and yet a third time before things really started to click. We were tasked with creating a graphic that would summarize the definition. I have long been a photoshop person, but decided to try my hand at a couple of new tools. Ended up using Piktochart to make the majority of the infographic and then used a Mind Mapping program (also new to me) called MindMeister to create a diagram graphic. Both of these web applications were free and fairly easy to use.

A couple of things struck me about this definition. First, a change in the focus from the instructor to the learner. I truly believe in this but it is really hard to step back and not be the most important person in the room as most of us in higher ed have been over the years. Secondly, I found myself shouting out loud, “yes!” as I read “interest is moving away from the design of prespecified instructional routines and toward the design of environments to facilitate learning”.

You can take a look at the graphic online here or see the attached .png (with Piktochart logo for not paying).

I really enjoyed this class, using new tools and even walking way outside my comfort zone with APA and Zotero. In the end it really is all about learning (that’s why it is at the center of the Educational Technology definition) and I am excited to continue the journey.

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