Multimedia & Animoto Introduction

Multimedia & Animoto Introduction

Just started ED 513 – Multimedia, this past week. Multimedia is something that I have long been interested in going back to the days of developing Multimedia CD’s even before the internet (anyone remember Macromedia Authorware?) I know some of the tools around the trade but for me it is the how and why that i am really interested in. I just watched the video on Universal Learning Design and this is something that I always want to now keep in mind when designing projects.

We were tasked to create an Animoto introduction to introduce ourselves to the group. I have been using Animoto in my class for the last 4 years and really like the ease of use and quality of outcomes. So… i decided to have a bit of fun with this project and make the video fun with a upbeat song from Brad Sucks (one of the first artists on the internet who decided to give away his songs for free – song is “out of it”) . To be perfectly honest I think I got a bit carried away with some of crazy pictures, so take it with a grain of salt and hopefully a beer in your hand. 🙂

You can check out the animoto video for a quick laugh. As far as the Universal Design option goes, here is the text of what I was trying to say in the video (a bit more here than in the video).

My name is Dan Case, I live in Helena, Montana.
I really like to use Technology.
I have designed a number of classrooms (including one called the “sandbox” and I take pictures of unique spaces everywhere I travel.
My office is located in the library on the campus of Carroll College and up here in Montana it can get a bit cold.
I show of picture of Krispy Kreme doughnuts which i love.
I attend and speak at a number of conferences every year and I show a (posed) picture of me on the street of Vegas.
I then get a little personal and show pictures of Pinochle, my family, my co-workers at Carroll and some images from the annual Mountain Moodle Moot conference that I put on each year (happing next week actually).
The Video then wraps up with pictures of my spring 2015 Instructional Media class, my trip to Ghana, Africa this past March with the Montana Dental Outreach team providing free dental work in remote Sang Village, and some AV classroom redesign pictures.

I had fun with this project and am really looking forward toward creating more content. Stay tuned for a Clarify multimedia presentation next…

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