Project #1: Static Multimedia Instruction

Project #1: Static Multimedia Instruction

Over the past year I have been slowly moving all of my presentations to Google Slides for a number of reasons. It is always online and easy to share and present. It is easy to create and allows me to pull in images and resources using the full power of google from within the app.

This summer Google introduced the power of audience feedback as an option right within slides. For me this new option has moved me firmly over to Google Slides moving forward. I presented at the annual UBTech conference this year in Las Vegas and we used the audience feedback option for the first time in a large presentation. It not only worked great, but really streamlined both the feedback and our ability to answer numerous questions in a very short time.

For this project my objective was to create a quick presentation that I could give my students about using Google slides and in particular the audience feedback option. I will measure the outcome of this tutorial using the software Clarify, when the students present in class and we can all comment in real time.

I set out to use the Contiguity principles of keeping the graphics and text together in a simple easy to read format. Clarify turned out to be a great software for this (especially since I purchased it in 2013 with a Mac Heist pack).

It took me a while to settle on what application I wanted to feature using Clarify and the great Contiguity Multimedia principles that it offered. Once I picked Google Slides, the ability to easily take screen shots and add annotations while layering them in sequential order turned out to be amazing. I was happy with the results and rediscovered a really cool program along the way.

You can view the tutorial I created (PDF) here. Thanks for reading.

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