Wireless and Haiku Deck

Wireless and Haiku Deck

We are getting deeper into the principles of Multimedia and specifically the Modality and Redundancy Principles. I was tasked with trying to create a presentation that flowed like a story, but was picture rich and text light. Getting folks away form the standard bullets of powerpoint into a new mode is a good thing that i have always been a proponent of, in fact I have been using Haiku Deck for a while (although I do very little presentations in class).

I took an old unfinished presentation that I had started a while back and redesigned it with the new ideas in mind. These principles are coming out of the E-Learning and Science of Instruction book that we are reading. The presentation is based on ways to use wireless in the classroom. I changed some slides and added all new presenter notes (I actually never had presenter notes in the deck).

I also tried to give the presentation a flow that was put forth by Nancy Duarte in her TEDx talk, although this is easier said then done. I did learn from this assignment and am trying to push myself forward in new areas. However, that being said I just came off an incredibly busy week with running the 6th annual Mountain Moodle Moot here in Helena Montana and really just want to sleep.

You can view the Haiku Deck Presentation on Wireless options here. Thanks for reading and remember to get out and catch those Pokemon 🙂

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