6t – A new podcast

6t – A new podcast

Create a podcast was the foundation of the assignment. My first thought was “Oh yeah, I got this.” In 2007 I attended a conference where podcasts were all the rage, heck I even created a podcast back then and coded the XML wrapper,  (however it was only 1 episode and really never went anywhere) years went by and podcasts kind of faded into the background. When I say into the background I mean for the general person who wanted something to say in the moment. Sort of like the blog phase when everyone had a blog but nobody really updated them. Today, there are some amazing podcasts in the wild with legions of followers.

The process. A short while back i discovered the great quality of Blue’s Yeti USB Mics (if you have not used one yet, I strongly recommend them). That mic, along with my 11″ Macbook Air, Garageband, Audacity, Soundcloud and Dropbox where all the tools I needed to get started. The hard part was getting things to say and making it all happen.

After pondering this for a few days longer than I should have, I came up with a series called 6t, It would focus on Technology, Tools, Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Teaching, hence the six “t’s”. For the first episode I talk about the evolution of “clickers” and some of the new tools that you can use to replace them in the classroom. These new tools include polleverywhere, socrative, kahoot and plickers.

After doing the first episode I am very motivated to continue to do this. It was quite a bit of work but also a great learning experience.

You can listen to the 1st podcast episode on Soundcloud here:

You can also download it or listen to it on dropbox (public link) here.

The full text of the podcast can be found here on a google doc.

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