Blogging in the Classroom – EdTech 537

Blogging in the Classroom – EdTech 537

I am in the final stages of getting my Master’s in Educational Technology (MET) from Boise State. While I have been in this program for over a year now and have had some random postings up here on my site, I am hoping that this current class (EDTECH 537 – blogging in the classroom) will finally give me the push I need to start blogging on semi-regular basis.

So, over the next seven weeks for sure (and hopefully much longer) you will see me posting about topics that interest me and/or are required for the course. I hope you come along for this journey with me and I begin to develop a voice, some consistency and some insights into the world of EdTech, Classroom Design, and other interesting topics.

4 thoughts on “Blogging in the Classroom – EdTech 537

  1. Congrats on your near program completion, Dan! I look forward to learning together! I agree with Kerri: your banner image is pretty spectacular!

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