EDTech 541

EDTech 541

My 541 Homepage started off with an “I am” poem.

Dan Case I am poem



I am

inquisitive and happy

I wonder

what teaching will be like in 10 years

I hear

the voices of the past whispering to me for change

I see

small physical things that are often missed by others

I want

to do something meaningful in life

I am


I pretend

to always have a least a partial answer

I feel

that I need to continue to learn and explore

I touch

on many different subject areas, never quite mastering any

I worry

about my family and making sure that I am always doing the right thing

I cry

when roadblocks get thrown in my way for little or no reason

I am


I understand

that I never really know as much as I should

I say

yes a little too much

I dream

of doing my little part to make the world a better place

I try

to always be better tomorrow than I was today

I hope

that I can always be learning and have a smile on my face

I am

Dan Case