Full Disclosure – Setting the stage

Full Disclosure – Setting the stage

So, just kind of tiptoeing into this new world of blogging. While I am excited about the opportunity to share some information with others I do realize that in this day and age a full disclosure is a good thing (plus it is required of my class).

Here is my attempt at a full disclosure. While I am sure that I won’t cover everything this might give you a nice starting point about who I am, some interests, some background and a bit about this blog moving forward.


The Basics

First off I am not doing this for money or getting paid by any firm to blog, especially when it comes to certain products. Also, I do not and will not, have any advertising on my site. While from time to time I am sure I will talk about certain products I typically will pay for those products. However, because I am in higher education and teach an instructional media class for the education department, occasionally, upon asking, I will get given products to show prospective teachers in my class. These gifts come with no strings attached other than to use them in my class and get feedback.

How do I make a living? I have been working at Carroll College in Helena, Montana for the past 17 years and while I have held many jobs during this tenure, I still enjoy what I do. I am the Associate Director of IT in charge of Academic Technology. I am also an adjunct professor teaching for the Computer Science Department in the Education Department (yeah I know, sounds strange). On a day to day basis, I design and install classrooms, looking at them with a holistic eye focused on IT, furnishings and pedagogy. I also help faulty integrate technology in meaningful ways around the campus. In addition, I help with wireless connections in the classroom, purchasing, innovation and just overall cool stuff. In a small school we all wear many hats (liberal arts anyone), which I like.


I have a background in Political Science and International Relations and then transitioned over to graphic design and web development. Since 2006 I have been focused on Academic Technology and right now I am finishing up the masters of educational technology degree program from Boise State University. I have lived all over the west, growing up in Colorado, Utah and Arizona mainly. After College I have mainly lived in Oregon and Montana. I have traveled quite a bit (as much as I can really). I have been married to my beautiful wife Kristy for 26 years and have two great kids.

The other stuff:

I have no media ties. My amazing wife is a nurse, so nothing technology there. I do have a bunch of investments, but just the standard mutual funds so nothing in particular.  I do try to do as much volunteer work as possible, mainly in education.

I guess that is about it. Just doing this to share with the world in the hopes that we improve learning and education for all. Nope, really no other motive except maybe for classwork.

Once again, and as always, thanks for reading.

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